Debt Restructuring in Divorce

If families are segregated or divorced, financial matters must be settled in any case. Often, a debt has accumulated in a marriage, so a debt restructuring in divorce can be extremely helpful.

Loans for this project are offered by many lenders. However, often the creditworthiness of the applicant is crucial.

Facts at a glance – read quickly

  • Banks may only grant credit if the credit check proves the sufficient credit security
  • In the case of a divorce, numerous unforeseeable risks have to be considered
  • Check the chances in the individual case – now directly and without risk
  • Apply now – without obligation – your credit, so that the software decides with reliable data

Debt restructuring in divorce – ask house bank

Debt restructuring in divorce - ask house bank

Debt restructuring in divorce – credit solutions in border areas

Until a separation or divorce, married people often have a joint bank account. This house bank carries out all accumulating monetary transactions and transactions, which arise over the month.

Loans are also granted by these institutes. If debts have accumulated over the years, a divorce on divorce can be very helpful for a new start.

If you want to repost with your bank, you must make an appointment in the branch. For this appointment, the bank customer should bring a detailed listing of his debts.

Only then is it possible to calculate the required loan amount exactly. In addition, valid identity documents are required. All other data that is important for a loan, the clerk can take from his computer.

Before it comes to a credit check, a Private credit information is obtained. This information should be positive.

A sufficient credit rating is also very helpful. If the credit rating is insufficient, the applicant must be able to offer additional collateral.

Low credit rating – Banks often accept additional collateral

Low credit rating - Banks often accept additional collateral

Installment credits are usually secured by consumers with the salary. This applies to an average income of most banks up to a loan amount of 10000 euros.

Due to a rescheduling of divorce, the credit rating may not be sufficient. This is often the case when the applicant becomes dependent.

In this case, additional loan collateral must be offered when requesting a loan. Much of the lender accepts various property or personal securities.

For example, sachsicherheiten are time deposits, valuable coin collections, precious metals or even property values. Applicants who can not offer this collateral have the option of naming a guarantor.

This guarantor can come from the close circle of friends or acquaintances. Before a guarantor can be accepted by a bank, his liquidity must be checked. If the guarantor has a high level of liquidity, the bank concludes a guarantee contract with the guarantor.

This contract is normally valid until the entire loan amount has been paid. Of course, individual contracts are possible.

Online and direct banks – reposting with loans from the Internet

Online and direct banks - reposting with loans from the Internet

Not every consumer wants to discuss a rescheduling in divorce with his house bank. Anyone who knows the Internet can take advantage of a loan from an online or direct bank in this situation.

The loans of these banks are particularly cheap and can be requested conveniently from home. The favorable credit conditions are possible with these banks, because no expensive branch network with many employees must be maintained.

In addition, there is a great deal of competition among online and direct banks, which has a positive impact on consumers. The online loan is requested directly on the bank’s website.

For this purpose, the lender provides an online form that is filled out directly on the PC, notebook or tablet. After all data is available, online information is obtained from the Private credit.

A provisional acceptance or rejection often takes place after a few moments by e-mail. A final decision will only be taken once the credit rating has been verified on the basis of the salary statements.

Many loan offers – a loan comparison on Creditend helps

Many loan offers - a loan comparison on Creditend helps

A divorce often causes high costs. So that a rescheduling with divorce does not become a financial hurdle, a loan comparison on the Internet is profitable.

It is possible, for example, on the credit portal of Creditend to compare different installment loans. The banks provide loans from 500 to 120,000 euros on the portal.

Credit periods of 12 to 144 months are possible. This means a life of up to 12 years for consumers.

In the credit calculator of the portal, the loan amount and the repayment term are entered. The purpose of the rescheduling was to be chosen.

These entries ensure that only banks that qualify for this loan are displayed. For a simple comparison, the displayed banks always contain the same information.

These include the name of the bank, various product details, the monthly rate, the borrowing rate and the annual percentage rate of charge. Once the consumer has opted for a loan offer, it is immediately forwarded to the application.

Restricted Credit – Loans from Credit Marketplaces

Restricted Credit - Loans from Credit Marketplaces

Divorce can affect your credit rating. Therefore, not every consumer can meet the high credit requirements of some banks.

However, the help of credit marketplaces can be used to restructure divorce. Credit marketplaces are Internet portals where private lenders offer installment loans to consumers.

This is also possible on the credit marketplace of Creditend. The lenders and approved financial institutions offer loans from 1000 to 50000 euros.

Running times of 1 to 12 years are possible. The application is exclusively online.

Only applicants who have no hard negative traits in their Private credit will be admitted. The required loan amount, the planned term and the intended use are entered into a loan calculator for a preliminary loan offer.

Thereafter, the personal data and the monthly income and expenses are entered into an online form. On the basis of this data, the sponsors of the portal have the opportunity to submit a loan offer.

After financing, the loan will be paid out at short notice.

Credit without Private credit – debt restructuring with a credit intermediation

Of course, consumers can also turn to reputable credit brokers for divorce restructuring. Credit intermediaries provide loans with and without Private credit.

The various loan offers come from domestic and foreign banks. If the Private credit has a normal scoring, a loan with Private credit helps.

To improve the credit rating of many financial service providers, a co-applicant can be included in the credit agreement. Likewise naming a guarantor is often possible.

Those who need a loan without Private credit for a divorce restructuring in divorce must meet numerous credit requirements. These include, for example, a residence in Germany, a job in a permanent employment relationship and a net income that is above the attachment exemption limit.

For a debt restructuring without Private credit, however, only loan sums of 3500, 5000 or 7500 euros are available. Other loan amounts are not available.

The loans of these financial service providers can cause high additional costs depending on the provider.

Umschulden in divorce – a loan comparison helps save

Umschulden in divorce - a loan comparison helps save

Depending on what was agreed in a marriage, a divorce can be very expensive. If the Private credit is positive and the credit rating high, a rescheduling on divorce is offered by almost every lender.

The cheapest loan offers online and direct banks available. Even with the house bank or a branch bank rescheduling is possible.

With poorer credit conditions, credit marketplaces and credit agencies continue to help. These loans are always a bit more expensive.

A credit comparison can therefore have a positive effect on the costs.

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